Early Childhood Education & Grants Management

STGi pinpoints precise gaps in knowledge or proficiency, and produces and delivers highly successful development and training initiatives to close these gaps in support of mission execution.

The STGi team possesses the expertise to develop learning and development solutions that support life-long learning in multiple environments. From early childhood within the Head Start environment to improving technical proficiencies and developing stellar Federal leaders, each learning event is unique to the needs of the individual and the organization.

As one of the nation’s premier providers of support services to the Head Start program, STGi provides training and technical assistance services in five regions which includes grantees in 15 states and 8 territories. We also provide grants management services to four regions and customer services support to the OHS Central Office.

Services include:

  • Head Start and Early Childhood Education Training and Technical Assistance
  • Grants Management
  • Personal Training and Development
  • SES Executive Search and Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Instructional Systems Design
  • Technology Training